‘ISBS IMPACTS’ is a humble endeavor to showcase the impact of our business School through the experiences and stories of some of our alumni and unravel what lies behind their inspiring career journeys till date.

It is now 25 years since Indira Group of Institutions was formed and it’s been 14 long years since ISBS saw its first ray of sunlight. Since then, the strength of its alumni body has grown to more than 5000. To celebrate this journey, the Office of Alumni Relations sought a memorable way to highlight the School’s collective achievement and capture the essence of its impact on individuals and society. Ultimately, we felt that there was no better way to achieve this than by telling the stories of its most valued custodians — its alumni — and, in doing so, distill the elements of their success: their drive, versatility, leadership and imagination. The result is ISBS IMPACTS, a sampling of 10 inspirational stories among our alumni, who are making their mark in the world today as business leaders, creative entrepreneurs, artists, and even sportspersons. Together, these stories of achievement showcase a slice of the ISBS DNA and the footprint of ISBS alumni across a spectrum of industries and fields. As our alumni body grows and extends its presence across the world, we hope to periodically update ISBS IMPACTS so that it remains an evergreen insight into the quintessence of an ISBS alumnus.

The stories under “ISBS IMPACTS” will soon be updated