Our values are the founding stones of our life. Personal values are the essence of who we are. They reflect clearly in our temperament, actions, behaviour and attitude.

Having high moral values is crucial but it’s more important to imbibe them in our day to day life. Nowadays when most of us are always in a state of mix-up, tensed about a zillion things in our mind, we are bound to get anxious, angry and confused while judging and differentiating between right and wrong. Personal values are a set of beliefs or ethical guidelines that you use to manage your behaviours and solve problems. We use values to measure right and wrong, to control what we choose to do and to prioritize things that are important to us. These values typically arise from our family values, religious or spiritual beliefs, education and even the media.

Values also provide guidelines to us in the absence of set rules or disciplinary boundaries. For example when we are in school we have many well defined rules and regulations to follow like one has to be inside the class once the bell rings. Now when we enter college life there might not be someone to force the same rule but a person with decent values will automatically go to the lecture hall where as an individual with poor ethical value may be just loitering around in the campus wasting time.

Identifying and strengthening the values in side us is very important in student life because Understanding your values prevents you from justifications that lead to unhappiness. It helps one to get prepared for the exam called LIFE. Many factors play their role in building up good values. Parents, family, school, friends the list is endless.

In conclusion I would like to make a personal appeal. I would like to emphasize that today when the youth of this nation is empowered by internet, it also is burdened by the responsibility of judicious use of the cyberspace. Remember only if you have inculcated good and strong moral and personal values you will be able to behave in a respectable manner in that virtual and this real world.