Cloudy Dream of IoT

IoT– Internet of Things is the network of things, i.e. physical objects—These object can be sensors, devices, buildings, vehicles, mobile devices and other items — implanted with the electronics, software and network connectivity that allows these things to communicate by accumulating and sending data over the network.

The IoT allow objects to be sensed and handled distantly across accessible network, creating prospect for more direct merging of the real world into computer-based systems or mobile devices which will improve efficiency and accuracy along with economic benefit.

IoT Ecosystem – Future way of living!

Application Area:

Smart home, Smart Cities, Wearable technology – health monitoring, Smart Environment(air pollution, forest fire detection), Smart Car and mobility, Smart Industries, Public safety, Smart Water(Potable water monitoring, Chemical leakage detection in rivers, Pollution levels in the sea, River Floods), Agriculture and Tourism as part of a future IoT Ecosystem.

As the ‘Internet of Things’ continue to expand, further perspective is predictable by a combination with related technology concepts. Technologies like Robotics, Big Data, Cloud computing, Future Internet and Semantic technologies will be working together to achieve flavor of IoT.

Cloud software’s are also existing to help companies connect manage data, devices and get economic benefit from IoT services.

So, we can see how world is changing its face drastically with a very reckless speed. This could be seen as a huge range of opportunities are going to be served for not only IT people but it will change the style of working of mechanical and electronics products, civil engineering designs, embedded system, medical equipment producers, food industry and many more….

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